Dear Angel above the hole in the ice

I understood your FB post yesterday ... a woman dives under the ice in the Artic and then we watch her return to the surface looking for the hole in the ice for a painfully long time.  Once she finds the hole she must blow out her remaining air to dislodge the ice that has formed over the hole while she has been underwater for a couple of minutes.  Yes the world below the ice is beautiful, and the woman is daring and the video is so erotic.  

And in your comments you talk about hating the fear that keeps you from diving below the ice to experience this wonderful world of freedom below the ice.  I got the message.  

I can't respond to this because your husband will see.  And you no longer come here.  Of course, I can't tell you to dive through the ice hole.  Neither of us knows how your abusive husband would react.  But I would so love to wait in the cold water below the ice and intertwine my body with yours as our air supply dwindles.  Foolish me.


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