Eight Years

It's been eight years since we have fallen in love, starting right here on thoughts.  Phone calls, visits, FB and nearly constant contact since then.  I am happily married .. what a great lady ... and yet, there are times that I am so in love with you ... and my heart aches so bad.  And yes, my lady knows.  She is incredible.  I love her, too.  The waves roll in and out.  At this moment, your wave is rolling in.  

I have never experienced what I have with you.  The connection is so strong, and at times it is so painful knowing you chose to stay with a man you do not love because of your children and the harm it would do to them.  I am not here to argue that .. it always as been your choice.

I just so ache to have you in my arms again.  To talk to you daily.  To know the depths of you.  To embrace and accept all of you.  I do all of that from a distance, but I am not perfect ... I want touch, and sounds of you, the smell of your hair, the lightness of your voice, the melody of your laugh, the essence of you to fill my days.  

Yea, I would love to live with you and yours and my lady ... that would be heaven.  Perhaps in another life time.

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Comments (3)

  1. belladora

    Amazing what emotion an online relationship can bring out. I feel your pain.

    June 16, 2017
  2. jjj22

    How long do u think u’d b happy living with both?

    June 16, 2017
    1. RRoe

      In my mind I think forever. I am pretty happy already. I am also very liberal and believe in polyamory. Angel is much younger, so I would hope if she were here that she would date some young men. In fact, I would eventually think she should move on and find a good loving boyfriend/husband and do what is best for her. It is hard now in part because I know she lives in an abusive relationship … Or maybe your right that we can only love each other if we are apart … I sure would like to find out.

      June 16, 2017